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Gilbert Russell Conrad

Professional Overview

About Gilbert Russell Conrad

Gilbert Russell Conrad is a seasoned financial services professional and the CEO of Princeton Equity Management, LLC in Lewiston, New York, where he resides. 

Russell’s expertise in finance runs deeply; for 22 years, from 1998 to 2020, Russell served as Principal Partner at Princeton Equity Partners, LLP, the firm he established in Princeton, New Jersey. Here, he primarily worked with high-net-worth business owners from the Midwest, focusing on equity funds and individual stock recommendations. 

For more than two decades, Russell Conrad established himself as an expert investment professional specializing in real estate investments. He provided experienced insight when it comes to advising investors on managing their finances, retirement plans, or tax reduction opportunities. By 2005, he had transitioned his focus to a specialized emphasis on 1031 exchanges, non-traded REITs, and private equity real estate, with a client portfolio that evolved to incorporate high and ultra-high-net-worth professionals and business owners. 

In January of 2020, Gilbert Russell Conrad opened Princeton Equity Partners, LLP, where he serves as President and CEO. Gilbert and the entire team at Princeton Equity Management, LLC take pride in providing each family they serve with unparalleled service, meticulous attention to detail, and rigorous due diligence that sets them apart. 

As a professional, Russell Conrad prides himself on the attention to detail and personal style approach to working with clients. Using meticulous research, he uses solid investment strategies to fuel his big wins. 

Russell Conrad attended the State University of New York at Buffalo, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree. In 1996, he became a licensed financial advisor and began his career in financial services and wealth management. Russell joined the team as a registered representative at GKN Securities Corp in South Florida. During his tenure, Russell specialized in offering investment advice tailored towards IPOs. he quickly acquired knowledge and experience working in the financial services industry through new tech resources, strong personal relationships, and aggressive due diligence. This helped him open Princeton Equity Partners just two years later. 

While he certainly has enough interest in his work to keep him busy, Gilbert Conrad also makes sure to take time to appreciate the life he’s built. He maintains his office in Lewiston, New York, and spends his winters in Naples, Florida, where he’s still able to provide clients with top-quality services year-round. 

Learn more about Gilbert Conrad Russell by visiting his real estate site and his finance site for additional information!

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